Intel Core i7 5930K Unlocked

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Intel Core i7 5930K Unlocked, S 2011-3, Haswell-E, 6 Core, 3.5GHz Clock, 3.7GHz Turbo, 15MB, 40 Lane, 140W, CPU

Achieve champion status with the new 6 core Desktop Processor Intel Core i7 processor. Unlocked, unleashed and uncompromised - the ultimate weapon for unrivaled performance. Massive multi-Threading and highest graphics performance and more overclocking options give you superiority over the competition.

6 independent cores of unbelievable power that encourage you to become the digital content creator or gamer you always wanted to be. Need cores to render? Check. Need cores to compile? Check. Need core to seek and destroy in the latest game? Check. It seems almost unfair to add IntelĀ® Hyper Threading Technology for a total of 12 threads at your disposal. You want burst speed performance for those jobs that require a bit more frequency? IntelĀ® Turbo Boost Technology has that covered. But that little voice inside of you is saying you want even more? Let that voice know that the processor is unlocked and is ready for you to tune it to fit your demanding needs. Tune cores, power, memory, or whatever else you need to tune to make your system fit your needs.