Logic Adobe Premiere 6.5 Black Keyboard for PC

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This custom keyboard for Adobe Premiere 6 is based on a W95 PC keyboard with a regular PS2 connector. It offers plug-and-play setup with any PC, it has good feel and stylish, modern appearance. The keyboard is available in the colours black or white.

The custom keyboard makes controlling Adobe Premiere 6 a lot simpler and faster. It is ideal for post-production facilities, professional video editing houses and anyone else who requires all the custom key commands to readily accessible from a dedicated, clearly labeled, colour-coded keyboard. Using this keyboard is also a great way to learn the Adobe Premiere's key commands.

And since the Adobe Premiere custom keyboard also features all the regular letter, number, and symbol labelling that you will find on a conventional keyboard, it can either be added to your computer in conjunction with your conventional keyboard or simply be used as a substitute for it.